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Founding Story

We are an independent team who share the same concern about mental health and specifically, how one see and feel about their looks and themselves as a whole. We want to make a movement, a shift in the mindset, but we cannot do it alone. That’s why we start by publishing our first NFT collection in order to spread our message in a more direct and outstanding, yet familiar way. To take a step further, we decided to partner with beFITTER - a health and lifestyle application whose founders has the same vision as ours to deliver more utilities for our NFT holders. Join hands with us to share the good vibes and support to our community!

Mission & Vision

Pen Pal’s mission is to promote a healthy and open mindset through creating a compassionate and loving community. We understand the solemnity of bodyshaming and self-deprecation among the youth.According to Body Image Statistics 2022, more than 50% of adults from the US, UK, Australia, France and Germany reported experiencing weight stigma, 67.3% of Chinese children are dissatisfied with their body shape. We want to share our definition of beauty and create opportunities for everyone to be vocal and be heard.Together, we can create a more inclusive and welcoming community, accompany the vulnerablet in the journey of accepting themselves and educate the next generation of Internet users. Share your stories, inspire others, embrace your beauty!

Community Culture

Words are powerful. Words can either destroy or uplift one’s mood from across the globe. Instead of using them as a weapon, why don’t you use them as a remedy? We are committed to build a welcoming community where everyone is supportive of each other. Through the concept of Pen Pal - your letter exchanging buddy, we would like to send you encouragement and be there for you every step of the way in the journey of accepting and loving yourself.


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